Genesis has been acquired by Chipotle!

The acquisition of Genesis by Chipotra was announced today at its IPO.

The news is a major boost for Genesys and for Chipotle.

It comes as the two companies are also developing a new brand, Chipotle: the Ultimate Life, which will focus on cooking with quality ingredients and fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers.

Chipotle will continue to operate under its own name, with the acquisition of a new CEO and leadership team.

Chipotle has been expanding its product offering, introducing new products like the Ultimate Breakfast burrito, the Ultimate Salad burrito and the Ultimate Chicken Burrito.

Chipotroles new flagship restaurant, Chipoteca, will be a full-service restaurant in its own right.

The new restaurant will open later this year.

Genesis has a huge amount of food and restaurant brands under its belt, including its famous Chipotle, Chipote, Chipetto, and Chipotle Express restaurants, among others.

Chipots new venture, Chipota, is a company that is focused on serving food at the level of quality and authenticity to the public.

Chipoteca is a fully owned subsidiary of Genesy, which also owns the global sports brands, Chipolte and the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles.