What it’s like to be in Vida Lifestyle’s anal only home

It’s one of Ireland’s most exclusive homes.

Built in 2007 by architect and entrepreneur Daniel Fenn, Vida’s design is an ambitious take on the old-fashioned home.

Its rooms are built to the highest standards and have a lot of amenities, such as a pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and even a sauna.

The main hall is lined with furniture, walls and floors covered in glass, and the bathroom is decorated with mirrors, so you can see your private parts.

“I wanted a house that is so luxurious, so luxurious,” says Daniel.

The house is surrounded by a garden, and Daniel has also designed a special area for a private spa.

“It’s not about the bedrooms,” he says.

“The house is a space for you to get out of the house and feel like you are there, not just sitting in a bed.

It’s about you as a person, and having a good time.”

Daniel Fyns, who has been designing homes for almost a decade, designed Vida as a retreat, but he’s also worked with other artists.

He designed Vita in 2011, and it’s now one of the biggest residential developments in the country.

It was designed by designer and urban planner Brian Gaffney and built by architect, architect and design studio Kishan Jha, who worked on several other properties, including the Ballymun estate.

It features a private courtyard, a large outdoor deck, a heated pool and a spa.

In the kitchen, a chef cooks up a meal, while the rest of the guests relax in the master suite.

The home also has a cinema, a gym, a bar, a poolside lounge, a fitness centre and a private bedroom.

There are no public toilets and there is no electricity.

“We don’t need to be living like we are in an apartment,” says Kishian.

“Everything is built to last and to last for a long time.”

The private dining area is divided into three sections, with the first one being reserved for the guests, while there is a second area for the staff, the third for the garden.

There is also a saunas, a hot tub, a sautéed egg, a steam room, a karaoke bar and a saucer and a small wine cellar.

The kitchen is also part of the living space, with an outdoor patio.

The master suite is made up of two bedrooms and a shower room, while Kishia and Daniel have built a separate room for their wives.

The bedrooms are open to the public, with their own separate doors and windows.

The bathrooms are in the main hall and the sauna is located on the second floor.

There’s a private bathroom upstairs, but only for couples.

The most private part of Vida is the backyard.

“If you are a guy, you can go out and play in the backyard,” says Gaffey.

“But if you are not a guy but a girl, you have to have a really big tent.”

The two men’s bathrooms, located on opposite sides of the yard, are open only to guests.

There also are a lot more private spaces.

“For us, it’s about living in a community,” says Jha.

“This is a house with a great vibe, a great living space.

And for the people in the neighbourhood, they will appreciate that.”

Vida has a lot to offer in terms of living space and amenities, with a spa, swimming pool, saunabags, a library and a gym.

“Vida is a small, intimate home, but it has a very unique style,” says Fenn.

“You get to experience the outdoors.

It is a very small town.

It has a beautiful landscape.”

“It is a quiet, intimate place.

The best part is that it is also very low maintenance. “

There is a lot about the house that makes it very special,” he adds.

The best part is that it is also very low maintenance.

The only plumbing is in the bathroom.

There has been an extensive refurbishment.

“A lot of the stuff we have is really old and has a few problems,” says Jonathan Fennis, who is also the owner of a small property in Dublin.

“One of the problems was that we used to have leaks in the plumbing.”

This was fixed and now the house is running without problems.

The Vida lifestyle home has a pool in the kitchen and a steamroom and sauna in the living room.

It also has separate bedrooms, a private terrace and a bar and sauna downstairs.

There was an extensive renovation to the house, but most of the work has been done.

“In the kitchen we have a big, open sauna, so that when we go out we can relax,” says Vida owner Jonathan F