Tokyo fashion company has a brand for everyone

The name of a Tokyo fashion label may sound innocuous but the firm behind it has a way of making people feel special and special is how they want to be known.

“We have a name for the lifestyle that we live in.

It’s like a name that gives people something that is special to them,” said Yuuya Yoshimoto, a director of the company, Japans lifestyle, meaning “happy and cheerful”.

“People will think we’re an easy label to say hello to, but we really are.”

‘The name for my life’ It all began when Yuuyama, a 25-year-old student, saw a story about how fashion labels were selling products to help people feel happy and happy.

He had never heard of them before and decided to take a look.

‘I thought, ‘That’s cool, I can’t wait to try it’.

‘The lifestyle is a lot like my lifestyle.

I feel happy, I am cheerful, I feel I am a person who is happy’ When he tried the label, he found the label’s products made him feel more happy.

”I thought that’s cool I can try it.

I was happy,” he said.

”It’s a brand that helps people feel like they are part of something special.

It was fun to try out the idea.”

The next step was finding the right name.

”If we had used the same name for two brands, we would have been very, very disappointed,” Yuu said.

”It’s not that we didn’t think about it, but there are certain brands that we really want to do something with.

“They started researching other names.

One of the companies Yuu and his team chose for their label was the brand of Japanese designer Yumi Tanioka, whose name is synonymous with “happiness”.

”When I was growing up in Japan, I was always told that happiness is a brand, so when we decided to go with Yumi’s name, I thought it was a really great name.

I thought, ”This is it.

This is what I have been looking for, I have found it”.

In Japan, Yumi was one of the countrys first fashion designers to promote a lifestyle called “the Japanese way”, a philosophy of “living a very wholesome lifestyle”, where eating healthy, exercising and living in harmony with nature were key values.

Yumi was also known for her love of fashion and for the clothes she made.

”She was a person of love and joy.

I think she really helped the fashion industry in Japan,” Yuu recalled.

”People were very excited about her designs, so it was very important to us to do our best to make it look good.”

The Japanese brand has since grown to include several other designers.

Japans favourite food is the beef tenderloin, and when Yu and his friends wanted to create a brand called “Japanese beef”, the company decided to name their product “Katsu-katsu”, which is the Japanese word for “Japanese chicken”.”

It was a name I loved, it meant happy, it was cute and it was Japanese.”

The first time I saw it on TV, I didn’t know what to think,” Yu said.

The name has stuck with him.

”We have more than one Japanese name we can call our products, but I think it’s the name that people feel good about.

I think people will think that’s cute, but that’s not the case.

“”The name is also a brand because we think it is a good name for our lifestyle, but it also comes from our Japanese roots,” Yu said, adding that the brand has been in business since 2004.

When the brand was first launched, it wasn’t easy to find a place to sell products.

”You couldn’t even find a storefront in Tokyo, even though we were selling the brand online, so we had to go out and find people,” Yu recalled.

They have now opened an office in Japan’s capital, Tokyo, and are looking to expand further.

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