How to become vegan in your own backyard

The internet has created a whole new breed of vegan lifestyle, and this new breed is all about creating space for others to come together in their own way.

Whether it’s a backyard barbecue, a weekend barbecue, or a BBQ for the entire family, these new vegan restaurants are popping up all over the world, and some are so popular that they’re even opening branches in other countries.

Here’s a look at some of the best vegan barbecue restaurants in the world.


The Smoky Barbecue Company In the US, The Smokies is a vegan restaurant and bar in Atlanta, Georgia.

It opened its doors in April 2018, and the restaurant has become a major hub for the vegan lifestyle.

Its vegan menu includes smoked meats, meatless desserts, desserts made with the freshest ingredients, and desserts made from plant-based ingredients.

The restaurant’s owners have also partnered with vegan restaurants and restaurants that cater to vegans to make their menu more accessible.


The Vegetarian Barbecue at Ballymore The Vegetarians Barbecue & Kitchen in Ballymena, Ireland opened in February 2018.

It is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant, serving up vegan food, along with a full menu of vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes.


The Pabst Brewing Company The PABST Brewing Company opened in 2019 in Austin, Texas, and has been a success in its vegan and vegetarian-only mission.

The brewery is a favorite for its delicious vegan beer and a new craft beer called Smoked Porter.


The Greenhouse Barbecue The Greenhouses Vegan BBQ & Barbecue opened in the heart of the city of Atlanta, Atlanta, in 2019.

It’s a vegan-only BBQ restaurant, but it also offers vegetarian options, as well as a vegetarian menu of more than 100 dishes.


The Vegan BBQ in Miami Vegan BBQ is a restaurant that opened in Miami, Florida, in 2020.

It serves up delicious vegan dishes that are made from the fresest ingredients, as a way to bring more attention to the vegan movement.


The Sesame Street Vegan BBQ The Sessin Street Vegan Barbecue is a delicious vegan BBQ in downtown Atlanta.

The menu offers dishes like vegan tofu scramble, roasted pork belly, and quinoa salad.


The Veggie Barbecue in Vancouver The Vegan Bar BBQ & Kitchen is a great way to get vegan and vegan friendly food to your table.

The vegan menu is great, too, with dishes like tofu scramble and roasted pork.


The Denny’s Barbecue Denny and the Vegan Bar & Kitchen opened in Vancouver, British Columbia, in April 2019.

This is the only vegan restaurant in the Vancouver area and offers a full vegan menu, and its vegan-friendliness is great for the vegetarian community.


The Farm to Table Vegan BBQ at Farm to Tater tote The Vegan Ranch is a popular vegan restaurant that serves up all sorts of tasty vegan food at reasonable prices.


The Rodeo Vegan BBQ At the Rodeos Vegan BBQ, a vegan barbecue restaurant, opened in Los Angeles in 2017.

Its a new restaurant and food truck based out of the West Hollywood area of the Los Angeles area.


The Vegantarian Restaurant in Berlin The Vegandarian Restaurant is a fast casual vegan restaurant, with an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced produce.

The vegetarian menu is packed with delicious vegan food made with plant-derived ingredients.


The Bistro at The Vegan Bistre The Bistoriet vegan restaurant opened in Berlin in 2019 and is an ideal place for a quick meal.

The dining room and outdoor patio offer plenty of space to enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal.


The Barbecue Bar at the Tasty Planet The Barbeque Bar is a small, casual vegan barbecue joint in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Tasty Plates offer vegan- and vegan alternative dishes, and they serve a vegetarian and veggie menu with plenty of choices.


The The Veggies at the Vegantious Vegan Bar The Vegentious Vegan BBQ opened in San Francisco in 2019, and it’s now the only full-service vegan barbecue in the United States.

The venue is also the first vegan bar in North America.


The Cafe Vegan BBQ A new vegan restaurant is coming to Los Angeles, and that’s the Cafe Vegan.

The cafe has vegan and gluten-free food options, and there’s a full-day vegetarian menu as well.


The Plant-Based BBQ at the Cafe Vegetable Bar and Grill The Plant Based BBQ at Cafe Vegetables Vegan Bar and Grille is a new vegan bar and grill, and you can expect a vegan menu and all kinds of delicious vegetarian options.


The Animal House Cafe Vegan Restaurant in Dallas The Animal Houses Vegan BBQ restaurant opened its restaurant in Dallas in 2018.

There are vegetarian and plant-centric menu items.


The Black Market Vegan BBQ In