Which are the key lifestyle changes to get you in shape?

By Steve Hill, BBC Sport editorA new book has revealed how much the way you look affects how you live your life, and how much you need to change if you want to look the part.

What makes a good fit?

A look that’s right for you: The Shape of the City by Mark Kastel, author of The Beautiful People Book.

It’s about how to make the most of your body, and what you should be wearing to fit it.

It’s the perfect guide for men, women and teenagers, it’s also available to read online for free.

What are the best styles of dress for men?

Kastel recommends a “slim and tailored” suit for men and a “smooth and tailored t-shirt” for women.

“Men prefer tailored shirts with a bit of a slouch, but they also like to wear slim jeans,” he says.

For women, he suggests a dress that “contains the natural shape of the neck and shoulders, with a little of the shoulder shaping”.

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How do I decide if I want to go “down-market” or “up-market”?

Kastell says to go down-market means “to make it a bit more casual, or less formal”.

For example, if you’re not a big fan of a suit that has a tie, he says to try a tailored shirt.

He also suggests a “modest, fitted blazer, with an open collar”.

A suit that fits well is more important than a dress, but that’s up to you, says Kastelle.

You can dress up and down.

He suggests going for a suit with “an open waistband” and a blazer with “a slit cut”, or a suit in a “thinner, more tailored style”.

It’s also important to “not overdo” the make-up, he adds.

“You need to be conscious of the way your body responds to make-ups.”

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The Shape of The City offers advice on how to choose the right clothing, and also gives practical tips on what to wear to work and what to avoid.

“It’s a great book for everyone,” says Kostel.

“There’s a lot of tips on how best to look your best, and that’s really useful for people who want to live in a more ‘normal’ way.”

Kastels advice for women is “a bit more difficult” because she says women “have a slightly different body shape”.

Kastell recommends a dress made of “soft, lightweight material” that “sits well under the arms, so you don’t have to worry about a waistband”.

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