Tea and the new hip-hop generation: Where do you start?

In an age of smartphones and social media, there is a new generation of hip-hoppers who prefer to listen to music from a laptop or tablet.

Some young rappers say they listen to hip-hops because of the social commentary it brings.

But there are others who don’t listen to rap music because they are offended by the content.

In an age when people can go from a car to a bar and still have to use a smartphone, it’s not surprising that some rappers are taking the plunge into a more social listening style.

In a country where rappers often get their music heard by a few hundred people, many rappers are trying to make a mark on the Internet without the constant stream of adoring fans and a huge social media following.

But for many young hip-hackers, they have little choice but to listen and learn online.

While it’s easy to get a hip-hip feel on the internet, for many rappers it’s a whole different world.

Many of the rappers interviewed for this story are from a place called New Orleans, which is about two hours south of Baton Rouge.

Some rappers call New Orleans their hometown and even a city.

They say New Orleans has always been their home and have always been involved in the music.

Many rappers say New York, Los Angeles and even London have also helped them get started in their music career.

It all started when rappers started talking about their music on Instagram.

After one of the more popular rappers tweeted a photo of a man sitting on the steps of the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge, he got a lot of followers.

The rapper said he decided to start a blog called Lil Yachty.

His first post was a video of him singing a song.

The song is called “We Got It.”

The rapper told the New Orleans Times-Picayune that he made the video with the intention of sharing a song that he recorded with a friend.

The video is called Lil B. Lil Yackey posted a video on Instagram of himself singing the song.

He said the song has lyrics like “I’m a niggas nigga/ I ain’t even got a phone,” and that he had to record it because he couldn’t afford a professional studio to record the video.

He then uploaded it to his Facebook page and wrote about it on Twitter.

The lyrics of the song are like this:I’m going to have to get an apartment/ We got it to stay/ I’m going in a cab and I’m getting my money from my wallet/ We get it and we move it to our new apartment.

I don’t care if we got to go to court,/ We’re just going to get my money.

I’ve never been able to make money from nothing.

I’m just not able to get paid in my life, even if I’m a professional rapper.

The person who uploaded the video of Lil Yachays song, Lil B, said he is not affiliated with Lil Yachety and he has not written lyrics.

The man said Lil B had uploaded the song without permission.

He also told the Times-Pilot that Lil Yachtty is not related to him.

He told the newspaper that Lil B asked him to put Lil Yash on Instagram and he told Lil Yastie to delete the video from his account.

In the post, Lil Yatty said that Lil G and Lil Yak are his best friends and that Lil E is Lil B’s friend.

He also said that he and Lil B are both from New Orleans.

The next day, Lil G posted a picture of his son on Instagram with the caption “I’ve been in New Orleans for almost a year.

This is my first time to visit the capital.

I want to make sure that he gets it, because he is one of my favorite rappers.”

Lil Yacht, who has been a rapper since 2006, said Lil G wrote the lyrics on the spot.

Lil B uploaded a video about it later that day and Lil G deleted it, Lil L said.

In a phone interview, Lil E said he and his father have been on Lil Yaichty for a year and that they met the rapper through Lil Yax, Lil Ya, Lil Nach, Lil A, Lil D and Lil A. Lil E says Lil Yace has been on the site for about three years and that the site has a lot to do with the hip-Hop scene in New York.

Lil G said that the person who posted the video was Lil Yassie, a rapper who was born in New Jersey.

Lil G said Lil Yay was a friend of his who had been on Instagram before.

Lile G said he was in the middle of writing the song when he decided he had something to share.

He says Lil B came over and recorded the video before he knew Lil Yase was the person.

Lille G said his son