When it comes to smartphones and tablets, French smartphones are far from the best

French mobile users are often among the best in the world, according to new research from Strategy Analytics.

That’s according to an annual survey of 1,000 mobile users, which is the first such survey in the country.

In fact, French mobile operators make up a quarter of all the subscribers in the entire survey.

Strategy Analytics surveyed 1,001 users over a two-week period from September 16 to October 14, 2017, and the results are worth repeating: French mobile phone users are the best. 

French mobile users spend nearly two-thirds of their time on their devices, according a new survey.

The survey also found that French mobile device owners have an average of four devices to manage, which means they have an impressive network of devices.

While some of these devices are relatively expensive, such as Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices, others are much more affordable, like the Google Pixel, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the LG G5, and Google Pixel XL.

In fact, in the survey, French users have the highest number of devices in the surveyed country, with more than half of French mobile subscribers owning one of the top five devices in their household.

French users also have the most devices of any nation in the European Union, according the survey.

They also have one of Europe’s most robust mobile networks, with almost two million mobile subscribers across all the countries in the EU, according Strategy Analytics data. 

However, a major concern for mobile operators is competition.

France, like many European countries, has struggled to gain the market share of Google’s Android operating system.

While Google has been gaining ground in France, it has had to pay a significant premium to get there.

As a result, French operators are struggling to attract users to their networks.

While French mobile networks are often free of advertising, it’s a small price to pay to keep the competition out of their networks, said Strategy Analytics president and CEO, Brian Nadeau.

Despite these challenges, French smartphone owners are more likely to upgrade to Android devices, with Android users in France spending nearly twice as much on their mobile devices as the next most popular device.

As we noted in our Android vs. iOS comparison article earlier this month, Google is also making significant investments in mobile operating systems.

Its Pixel smartphones, which are available in France and several other countries, are priced at more than twice the cost of Apple’s iPhones, which have a starting price of $650. 

The rise in French smartphone sales means the mobile operators have been able to invest in new products, including in new hardware.

These include a new version of the HTC 10, which has been released in France.

The HTC 10 has been available in China, where it’s priced at nearly double the price of Apple iPhone 5s, and in Germany, where the iPhone 5S is priced at $500 more than the iPhone 6.