Rams have a few more wrinkles to deal with after bye

SAN FRANCISCO — After their bye week, the San Francisco 49ers have another week of work ahead of them before the bye week ends.

After Sunday’s 21-20 win over the New York Giants, coach Chip Kelly said the 49ers will take a few extra days off, which means a couple of things.

First, they will have to figure out a way to use their bye weeks as a springboard for training camp and practice.

They had one more bye week than the next three teams.

So they’ll have to get their training camp set up quickly.

Kelly said it’s possible they’ll try to take some time off for camp this summer, but he didn’t specify when that might happen.

If that happens, Kelly would not rule out the possibility of having the 49, for instance, practice in Los Angeles in late July or August.

He did say he thinks they’ll start camp with the same set of personnel, including running back Carlos Hyde, who rushed for 127 yards on 13 carries against the Giants.

But Kelly said he expects the 49 to play a lot of different personnel.

He also mentioned they will not be rushing as much this season as they did in 2015, when they rushed for nearly 300 yards per game.

“We’re still not going to be playing the same defense that we played last year,” Kelly said.

“It’s going to change.

We’re going to run a lot more and we’re going the same route of passing the ball, which is different than last year.

It’s going a little bit different.”

Kelly said the only way to get back to the level of success the 49’s teams had last season is for them to play well for four more games and have their roster ready to go when the season starts.

He said it may take at least four more weeks before the 49 are able to get that going.

“They have a lot to prove, and it’s going get better, but we have a great opportunity to go win another game this year,” he said.

“You look at how they played in 2014, 2015, we’re in the same situation.

But we’re just going to have to prove that we can play the way we did last year.”