How to buy a bose sound system for under Rs1,000 on Amazon (UK)

Amazon ( UK ) is offering discounts on a bs-lifestyle product that includes a $1,200 sound system that can be used for listening to music, and a pair of headphones for listening on a smartphone.

The product is called bs sound system, and it has a wide range of audio settings including speaker volume, speakers, subwoofer and subwoofers, as well as audio inputs and outputs.

Amazon also has a dedicated page for the product, and the price includes a free 2-year subscription to the product.

The bs product, which is listed for sale at Amazon India, features a pair in silver and black with the company’s logo on them.

This is the same color as the headphones that are sold separately, and also comes in black, white and blue.

There are two versions of the bs speaker, one with a built-in microphone, the other with a microphone and a subwoover.

The headphones are also listed for a price of Rs1.35 lakh.

Amazon India also has an option for Amazon Prime members to get a pair for Rs 1,299, with the headphones and speakers included.

The company also has two separate products for users to choose from: a Bose B12 speaker and a Bs speaker.

The Bs product is available for Rs 2,499, while the B12 is priced at Rs 2.49 lakh.

The company also offers two different soundtracks for both products, which you can select from, for a total of seven tracks.

Amazon India has also listed a number of other bs products, such as a Bresse sound system with Bluetooth, a Besound system with microphones and a sound system.

It has a variety of different sound systems to choose on Amazon, which are listed at the top of the page, and you can also browse the Amazon UK section for all the bis products.