When Is The Next Pac-12 Conference?

In the first week of April, the Pac-10 announced that the conference would hold its first media day, marking the start of its 2018 football season.

As you might expect, the event is being billed as an opportunity for fans to get to know the teams that will compete for their conference’s crown.

And as you might also expect, some of the teams have been on the market.

The Pac-14, which has the best record in the conference, has a lot of big-name candidates.

But the biggest name that will likely be on the field for the first time in the new conference season is Washington.

The Huskies will be playing in the Pac 14 Championship Game on Jan. 31.

The schedule for the conference season opens in the spring, when the Pac 12 begins its first-ever conference slate, which includes three games against conference opponents.

That schedule will open in October with a matchup against the defending champion Oregon Ducks.

In December, the conference opens the season against the reigning national champion USC Trojans, and then in January, it travels to the Big East for a home game against a team that will face the No. 6 team in the league.

And in April, they play a rematch of last year’s College Football Playoff championship game, when Stanford and Oregon defeated each other.

In October, the Huskies host Oregon, which defeated Oregon State in the Rose Bowl.

But if you’re looking for the Pac 10 to be a big story, there’s still a lot to be excited about.

The league announced in early February that its members will be awarded a national championship game berth and a share of a television contract, both of which are expected to be lucrative.

This year, the league will host a doubleheader against Stanford, which won the Pac 11 title and is expected to finish with an average attendance of just over 40,000 per game.

The Pac 12, which will play in its first ever conference championship game this season, will also be hosting a doubleheaders with Washington, UCLA and Stanford.

The conference will be hosting six games in April: a home-and-home series against California, UCLA, Oregon, Arizona State and USC, plus a trip to Utah for a trip-a-travelling game against BYU.

And in June, the ACC will be hosted in Miami for a matchup of the No, 2 and No. 5 teams in the country.

The ACC has had a pretty busy offseason, with three teams (North Carolina, Clemson and Virginia) and two others (Georgia Tech and Syracuse) losing games and two more (Florida and NC State) losing at least three of their last four.

But in 2018, there is a lot at stake.