How to make your life look great on the couch

The internet is full of videos and photos of gorgeous new-born babies.

But what if they look a little different to you?

Here’s what you can do to get that new-look baby back to the sofa.


Keep them out of the sunThe sun is the biggest killer of baby skin.

It is the reason why babies need to be out of reach from sunburn and the resulting inflammation and dryness.

This is why baby mattresses should never be allowed to get too hot.


Keep baby warmThe best way to keep baby cool is to keep the mattress cool and cozy.

Make sure you use a baby mattress pad that is a shade of light blue or pink and that is at least four inches deep.


Place a towel under baby’s head The safest place for a baby to lie down in a crib is a baby towel.

Baby towels are available at the bedside, but make sure they are kept out of sight of your baby, as the baby can get very cold.


Put baby to sleepThe most effective way to protect baby from sun exposure is to put baby to bed in a soft and comfy crib.

Use baby pillows or soft blankets and place baby on a soft mattress pad.

Place the baby in the crib at night and leave the lights off.


Cover baby’s crib with a blanket If you can, put a blanket or soft pillow over your crib to keep your baby warm and protected.


Turn off the lightsIf your baby is sleeping in a safe place, it’s important to turn off the light at night to keep them cool.


Place baby to the side of the crib and close the door If you cannot see the crib, open the door to the baby’s room.


Use a baby pacifierBaby pacifiers are the most popular way to treat baby’s sleep issues.

Put one in the front of the bed and close it behind your baby.

Leave the pacifier on the bed until baby is asleep.


Make baby warm with a pillow in a cup While baby can sleep in the back of the room, the best place for baby to be is a cup of warm water on the floor.

This will make baby comfortable and allow them to sleep comfortably.


Place towel over baby’s face The best way for your baby to stay cool is with a towel that is two to four inches thick.

Lay baby in a warm and comfier spot and gently place your baby’s towel over the baby.

Then close the towel.


Take a baby bath If you have an infant or toddler, make sure your baby bath is made of an absorbent material that absorbs excess water.

A sponge, baby bottle, or other absorbent type of product can be used for your bath.

Use the baby bath for at least 20 minutes.

Make a habit of getting your baby a bath every day and then showering him or her after a bath.


Take baby out of bed for a napAfter a baby has taken a nap, it is time to take him or herself out of their crib.

Make your baby comfortable by gently moving baby into a crib, a chair, or a bed.

Leave your baby in their crib until the next day, then get them out.

Follow these tips for a great baby nap: Place a crib blanket over the crib.

Put the baby on the blanket for a short while so that baby is not too cold.

Place your baby pillow in front of baby.

Turn the baby over and place the baby down on the pillow.

Make them comfortable by putting a blanket on the side, placing a towel underneath the pillow, and turning off the baby lights.


Wrap baby in towels When baby is out of your sight, you may have to move baby around.

Wrap your baby into the same towels that you wrapped him or a baby bed.

Use towels to keep him or hers warm.

Make the towels comfortable by wrapping them in a blanket and then putting the blanket under the baby to keep warm.


Place pillows under baby for a napping napBaby pillows are the best way of keeping baby warm in the winter months.

Put a baby pillow on the crib mattress or put one over the bed for napping.

Place them under the crib for a few minutes to make baby feel more comfortable.


Wrap a pillow over baby to prevent them from crying during the day and to protect them from cold The safest time to wrap baby is during the winter season.

This time, baby should sleep on their side.

Wrap the pillow under baby and put a towel on the outside of the pillow for naps.


Use an absorbency cloth to keep you cool in the summer If you need to put your baby on ice during the summer, place an absorbence cloth over your baby until baby gets a little colder.

Use this cloth to warm your baby up as they are being cooled.

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