Chipotle’s Chipotle Bowl: The Best and Worst Moments

Posted September 01, 2018 06:23:20Chipotle’s new chipotle restaurant, Chipotle Grill, is opening in San Francisco’s Mission District.

The San Francisco Chronicle has the story: Chipotle Grill’s new Chipotle restaurant will open in San Fran’s Mission district.

The restaurant, which will be located in the former Taco Bell, will be the first in San Franciscos newest shopping and dining area, called the “Mission District,” said Chipotle spokesman Jason Wieck, who added the restaurant is expected to open in the fall.

The new Chipotles menu includes salads, tacos, burritos, tacos with chicken, and wraps.

The Chipotls new location is expected in the Mission District in November.

“We’re extremely excited about opening in the newest and hottest neighborhood in the country,” Wieke said.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for San Francisco, and I think it will bring us even closer to our core mission of bringing the best ingredients and the freshest, most delicious foods to our customers.”

The new location will be a chipotle spinoff from Chipotle Mexican Grill, which is located in Santa Ana, California.

The chain, founded in 1993, has expanded nationwide with locations in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Wieck said the new Chipota will be more “authentic” than the original.

Chipotls first restaurant opened in San Diego in 1994, and the company has now opened more than 140 locations in 33 states and two countries.