‘New Balance’ will sell shoes with a different lifestyle to the ones they currently sell

New Balance, the makers of the high-end sneakers New Balance Classic, have announced a new lifestyle shoe called the Sedentary Life.

The Sedentary is a new design from New Balance’s “New Balance Sport Collection”, a collection of shoes that focuses on minimalist design and comfort, which the company said are “about taking the most challenging aspects of life and using them to inspire new ways to live”.

The shoes will be available in a range of colours including white, blue, and red, with a black version on the way.

New Balance also released a “Sprint” range of shoes with different performance features, such as running cushioning, and a “sport” range that is more tailored to the fitness enthusiast.

There is also a “tactile” range called Sedentary Style, which New Balance said has a more streamlined feel and is designed to help people with “subtle physical weaknesses”.

The company also revealed that “sprint” models will be made from the same material as its traditional sport shoes, and that the shoes will also have “stretch, comfort and durability”.

New Balance, who were founded in 1917, also announced a “sports” range, which will be produced in-house, in collaboration with Adidas.

New Balance Sports, New Balance Sport, New Strength, and New Balance Fitness will all feature a range in-store.

“We’re always looking for ways to create our new lifestyle shoes in new ways, and this one’s different,” New Balance CEO Tom Yerkes said in a statement.

“The Sedential is a playful, low-key shoe that celebrates the simplicity of being active, and its minimalist design is about taking the least challenging aspects to inspire a new way of living.”

The shoes are due to hit stores in late March.