Why we should stop paying for music – and just listen

Why are we paying to listen to music and not listen to ourselves?

We are paying to consume content, and to do so we are paying for content.

The content is now on the platform.

But the consumption is not.

Music is our content.

When we consume content we are consuming ourselves.

And when we consume ourselves we are also consuming music.

We have created this system.

Now we are going to get rid of it.

That’s why I want to stop paying to watch music, and instead listen to my own music.

When you watch your own music, you will notice the difference.

When the music is on Spotify you can go on Spotify and watch your music and enjoy it.

But when it’s on YouTube, you can’t.

And if you watch YouTube videos, they don’t give you any kind of feedback.

So I want music to be as free as possible.

Music should be accessible.

If you can listen to a song on Spotify without paying to buy it, then it’s not free.

If I pay $2.99 for Spotify, I can listen and enjoy music on my smartphone.

I should also have a choice to buy music on the app.

But, it’s still Spotify.

The platform is free.

And I am paying $2,99 for music.

But I should be able to listen on my computer, too.

Spotify is not free, but it’s free.

So why should I pay to watch my own content?

Because when you watch music you consume yourself.

The experience is what you are paying money for.

That is why you should pay to listen.

Music has a free-to-play model.

You pay $4.99 to get access to the premium version of the app, and that means you get a better experience.

You are paying $4 for access to a premium app, so you can experience what you pay for.

If music is free, then why should we pay to see our own music?

We can all watch our own content, we just have to pay.

When I bought my first smartphone, I didn’t have the ability to watch what I bought, and now I have the capability.

I am able to watch whatever I want.

I will watch my favorite music, my favorite artists, whatever.

But that experience has to be free.

You can’t watch music and pay $9.99 just to watch your favorite artists.

You have to subscribe to Spotify to watch Spotify, and then you can watch your favorites.

That way you don’t pay money to watch, and also you get to experience what’s free to watch.

So let’s make music free to all.

If the music industry can become free to everyone, then we will be free to listen, to enjoy, and even to consume.