‘Huge’ bill to boost Scottish government fund, including new tax incentives

Edinburgh City Council has announced a £2.6 million funding boost to the Scottish Government’s sustainability and environmental initiatives in 2017/18.

The funding, which comes from the European Union, will help fund the Edinburgh Sustainable Development Fund (ESDF), which has a dedicated funding stream of £1.3 million over the next three years.

The ESDF was established in 2020 with the aim of supporting the City of Edinburgh to meet its climate change and air quality targets and is funded by the European Commission and other member states.

The Edinburgh Sustainable Growth and Environment Fund (ESTEG) was established by the Edinburgh Regional Development Agency (ERDA) in the late 1990s and is a regional government programme that focuses on sustainability and local development.

The fund aims to provide support for growth and development initiatives that have a major impact on Scotland’s economy and quality of life.

Edinburgh City Councillor David Gray said the fund would help the City meet its sustainable growth and environment targets.

He said the funding would enable Edinburgh to develop a sustainable energy strategy and a long-term sustainability strategy for the city.

“The funding will provide a further boost to ESDF and provide further incentive to our business partners to continue to invest in sustainable initiatives for the future,” Mr Gray said.

“We will now continue to work with ESDF, the regional development agency, local authorities, and partners to ensure that Edinburgh’s environmental sustainability is enhanced to meet future sustainability targets.”

Edinburgh Council has also announced a new “Huge” Sustainable Development Budget for 2017/2018 which will include funding for projects including: Edinburgh Greenway, Edinburgh’s first ever “green zone”, Edinburgh’s second ever “community green” zone, Edinburgh City Garden and the Greenbelt.