India launches a new lifestyle brand, ‘Richlifestyle’, which sells lifestyle apparel for people who need to look smart

Lifestyle clothing, accessories, shoes, and accessories are now available online from a new company called Richlifestyle.

The company’s website says the products are meant to be worn in “a rich lifestyle.”

The company offers a variety of styles to cater to different tastes and budgets. 

The website has a large section dedicated to “high-end” clothes for women.

Some of the items are priced between Rs 500 and Rs 2,000.

A section on accessories includes a range of leather shoes, jewellery, and watches.

The site also says the company is in talks with brands including Adidas, Adidas+Raz, and Louis Vuitton. 

“Richlife” is a new brand that will have its official launch on November 2, and it is a continuation of the brand “Richlive,” launched last year by the founder of a fashion brand called “Rich,” Rajesh Gupta.

In August, Gupta sold the business to another company called “Rajesh-Hindi.”

In March, Gupta and Gupta sold it to a private equity firm.

The new Richlife website features a gallery of its range of brands. 

Rajet Kumar, the CEO of Richlifestyles, told Quartz that Richlives designs are meant for different people. 

He said the company was looking to bring in “high end” brands to the site. 

I think it’s a big opportunity to have brands like Nike, Adidas, and Nike+Raje,” he said. 

In April, Gupta told CNBC that he had sold his “rich lifestyle” business to a “third party” after the former CEO was unable to pay his employees’ salaries.

Gupta also told CNBC in August that the former chief executive had been “stuck in his own personal hell” due to his “financial situation” and that the “family is in turmoil.”