How to get a bikini photo on Snapchat

Lifestyle photo blogger Kristi has put together a list of 10 things to look for when it comes to a great Snapchat selfie.

If you’ve got the money, she suggests taking a snap of yourself with a new friend or someone you haven’t met yet.

But remember that you’ll want to be looking for a good close-up shot, and a few shots of your arms and legs in a way that is not distracting.

“Snapchat is a great platform for candid moments, but I’d also suggest using it to capture the beauty of people in your life,” she writes.

“Be aware of your surroundings when taking selfies and make sure that you don’t look at your phone as a camera lens.”

If you’re not in a bikini, she says to avoid the temptation to put too much of your face in the shot.

“There is a lot of pressure to do it in a sexy way.

It can look silly.”

But for those who do want to go to the gym, she advises to get as much detail as possible about your body.

“It’s great to be confident in your body and make it work for you,” she says.

“But you need to make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothing and your body language.”

Kristi’s list includes tips for choosing the right bikini, plus tips on how to take a photo that’s not distracting to the camera.

She also suggests keeping your phone out of the shot and making sure that it’s facing you.

“Be sure to check the camera lens for any distractions.

You might not want to take that photo of your leg and arm that you know looks distracting,” she suggests.

“And when it’s time to share the photo, be sure to include a caption and include a picture of your legs in the selfie.”

Read more:Kristi also recommends taking a selfie with your partner to help capture a flattering view.

“Your partner needs to be aware of what you’re doing and be able to take the picture without looking distracted,” she said.

“Make sure you get the shot to the best angle possible.”

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