Why I’m Going Vegan and Not Eating Meat

The Daily Caller: I was a vegan for years.

I’ve always been a huge proponent of organic foods, and I had to get rid of meat when I became a parent.

But I never had any problems with animal welfare.

So when I found out about the dangers of meat, I decided to go vegan.

I knew I’d have to make some sacrifices, but I thought I’d give myself a little break from meat for a while.

So far, I’ve made it to the end of my vegan meat diet.

What are your vegan diets like?

I don’t go on a strict vegan diet, but mostly I eat vegetables and fruits.

I also have a lot of leftover vegan products from my past vegan lives.

You can use any kind of meat you like, but if you’re looking for something more plant-based, check out my vegan cookbook.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

My biggest change is that I’m eating less dairy and I’m making a lot more salad.

That’s a big deal, because dairy is the biggest source of saturated fat in the diet.

I also use coconut oil for cooking, and almond butter for baking.