Honda to launch a new generation of fuel-efficient cars with plug-in hybrid and electric powertrain

Honda has revealed a new-generation fuel-efficiency vehicle in its effort to reduce the carbon footprint of its latest vehicles.

Honda Motor Co. Ltd, Japan’s biggest carmaker by revenue, said it will launch the next generation of the Honda Fit hybrid car with a plug-ins-electric powertrain in 2020, which is the same as the Honda Civic Hybrid.

The company said the plug-infused version will have a range of 220 miles on a charge, and will be available with a range from 150 to 300 miles.

The hybrid is expected to be the first fuel-economy hybrid vehicle in Honda’s lineup and the first with plug in powertrain.

The first of the hybrids to be offered in the US will be the Honda Pilot Hybrid, which uses the Honda Insight plug-In hybrid powertrain, which the company said it plans to introduce later this year.