How to wear condoms in gypsy life

The gypsy culture is a place where condoms are widely available.

Here are some tips for using them.1.

Wear condoms when you are alone2.

Don’t have sex with a gypsy3.

Wear a condom with your boyfriend or girlfriend if you have sex4.

Don�t have sex in public5. Don���t have unprotected sex with your partner, even if they are your friends6.

Use condoms when it is safe to do so.7.

When you do have sex, be aware of the risk.

If you get pregnant, don�t forget to wear a condom to protect your baby.8.

Wear condom when you�re at work or at home.9.

Wear latex condoms when using an electric toy, such as a vacuum cleaner.10.

Don��t wear condoms at home during the holiday season because of the high rate of STIs in the country.